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Just call me Jemi
Artist | Student | Varied
Don't mind my character (Berura the Swan) staring at you from my profile pic. :XD: She isn't always like this; she's usually demure.

A wannabe animator/game designer who ended up in graphic design because my parents don't have confidence in my country's animation industry (not because I couldn't). *sigh* :shrug: Graphic design isn't what I'd like to do as a career, but I guess they mean well for me. Hopefully I'll do well enough to get a change to study Animation at university level when I graduate from this Graphic Design diploma course.

Welcome to my profile page! Sonic the Hedgehog was the first active videogame series I got into. Prior to that, I had only played obscure PC indie games. Since then, I've also gotten into other videogames series such as Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and other action-adventure games (plus points if there's tons of platforming). I hope to draw more fanart of those series when I have the time. :meow: I'm also constantly on the lookout for outstanding indie games to enjoy (and draw fanart for)~ :XD:

I do have some Original Characters (OCs), as well as my own comic series entitled "Big Swan" revolving around these characters. I do not have any Fan Characters (FCs).I also draw artworks reflecting the things and people I encounter in real life. :D


I completed my GCE 'O' Level examinations in 2013 (I did not take Art as a subject and I regret it because I'm lagging behind my classmates ;w; ) and I'm currently studying Communication Design at a local polytechnic. Not because I couldn't get into a Junior College (JC), but because I chose to head down this path instead. I've have been drawing a lot (but not being around on dA) of things I don't usually draw. It has been a good (but PRESSURISING!) experience so far to be surrounded by people with similar interests and skills. School sucks up almost all of my time and energy so apologies if I don't reply to your messages immediately.

Other accounts. Please let me know who you are before adding me as a friend/contact. I won't just add any random person XD

:star: Youtube: Jemiloke97… (I upload speedpaints and MMD videos! :D And gameplay stuff, too)
:star: Livestream:
:star: PSN ID: JemiKen (shared account with my dad)
:star: Steam: JemiDove
:star: Skype: Ask me about it~
:star: Sonic Stadium Message Board: JemiDove

Some stuff about me:

-Rather down-to-earth
-Dislikes blood & gore. A lot. :stare: I avoid playing games with gore (with the exception of TF2, because it is highly stylized and cartoonish that I can bear the gore just enough to play the game).
-Has been self-taught until enrolment in Communication Design in 21 April 2014 (so you can look at the dates on my deviations to see how I fared on my own before that :XD: )
-Fractal art is the only art form which I detest (to the point of being fearful when looking at it) >_<
-Favourite animals: Birds (especially waterbirds), fish, exotic animals.
-Favourite colours: Orange, purple, blue, green
-Favourite videogame genres: Action-adventure / Platformer / Fighter / 3rd-person shooters (dislikes turned-based games, casual games and certain 1st-person shooters)
-Favourite music genres: Techno / Drum 'n' Bass (DnB) / Trance / Electronica / Glitch Hop / String instrument music (especially the cello, for some reason).
-Dislikes shiny, glittery attention-grabbing things (especially on clothes)
-I can play the piano, but I was home-taught only until Grade 3. My mum is a music teacher, but was too busy to continue teaching me :( I now learn songs by ear on my own for fun.
-I was the Section Leader of Alto of my secondary school's choir (2012-2013).
-Favourite Sonic characters: Silver the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Cream the Rabbit, Wave the Swallow.
-I don't follow and didn't grow up with much anime/manga series much unlike my peers :P I'm just neutral towards the style. Same goes for western cartoons/comics actually, though my drawing style seems to lean more towards that side. But I believe I'm equally influenced by both Japanese and Western styles.



  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: My randomized music playlist
  • Reading: Comments (and not assignment briefs! :D )
  • Watching: the clock (oh noes)
  • Playing: TF2 (not now)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Fruit juice

The late summary (2014) by JemiDove
The late summary (2014)
I usually compile an art summary at the end of each year, but I was quite depressed (and distracted by games) last December, so I put it aside till now. I realised I needed an overview of what I have achieved or what I can improve on, especially since I'm forcing myself to be more versatile in a variety of subject matter and medium.

2014 was a...major reality check for me. Upon enrolling in graphic design (a.k.a. Visual Communication / Communication Design) , I was surrounded by peers with 2-5 more years of formal art education compared to I who had been self-taught all this while. I embarked on a daunting journey to kick myself into improving at the stuff they were good at (realism, traditional art, pencil renders, humans e.t.c.) 

Compared to my previous art summaries which showcased the best of each month (usually filled with Sonic fan art and digital art), I dabbled into other mediums and styles this year so I grabbed whichever artwork best represented my ability or what I did for most of that month, whether good or crappy. I have lots of "firsts" in 2014, but not much actual improvement in any specific area (see the individual reflections for each month below). I also feel like I've neglected digital art because of my fixation on improving at traditional art.

:bulletorange: January -
Didn't draw much in that month. Just a pic to express my eagerness to forget about my secondary school days and look forward to college and "doing what I love" (before I realised that graphic design isn't really my thing and I still love Animation more).

:bulletblue: February -
Milestone; first time attempting such a complex background. Probably the fan art I poured the most love into so far, love Dust: An Elysian Tail to bits, kudos to Dean Dodrill.

:bulletgreen: March -
Did a lot of traditional sketches in both pencil and ballpoint pen, but this is the only one fully rendered. Trying to break out of the Sonic anatomy with shoulders.

:bulletpurple: April -
Enrolled into Communication Design mid-April. This Berura refence artwork was drawn before enrolment; a reminder of why I was interested in the visual arts in the first place and how far I have come since my first OC was created 10 years ago in 2004.

:bulletorange: May -
School work, cross-hatching in pen. Rather proud of this one, made me discover that pen/ink is my forte in traditional art. Just love the cleanliness of the medium. Gotta improve at pencil rendering though...did a lot of pencil renders for school but they aren't of personal subjects to me.

:bulletblue: June -
Milestone; achieved a look for my style of drawing humans. Improved at leg anatomy and facial structure. I do feel that the hair and shading needs improvement, and perhaps I should practice and experiment with less-cartoony humans.

:bulletgreen: July -
Milestone; really, really really proud of this one. It was a school assignment to create a black and white artwork from small geometric shapes scattered across the given paper. I was praised by my teachers for my composition and use of negative space. One of the few times my classmates went "wow" too. First time not sleeping for over 24 hours, and still needed to be awake to present my work to the class. July was the most labour-intensive and hectic month of 2014; I produced a lot of other "firsts" but this stood out the most to me and represented what I could achieve with given geometric shapes.

:bulletpurple: August -
School work. Happy with the composition and concept, but disappointed with the execution (the colouring and shading) due to my inexperience in those areas with Adobe Illustrator. Also, the face looks too cartoony for the Art Nouveau style I was supposed to emulate. Plants in background look cheap.

:bulletorange: September -
Milestone; first time doing a detailed digital lineless painting in Photoshop AND on one layer. As of this compilation, I've since made improvement in March 2015, but that's for the next art summary.

:bulletblue: October -
Milestone; first full-blown Copic marker artwork with blending done correctly. Belated birthday gift for a friend. Too bad it was so rushed that I didn't have the time to hold it in my hands and admire it :XD:

:bulletgreen: November -
Milestone; first time drawing such a dedicated fan art of one of the indie games of my childhood AND showing it and speaking to the creator hiimself :') Stuggled with the perspective and shading, so many light sources! :faint:

:bulletpurple: December -
Got carried away with gaming *glares at TF2 and Battleblock Theater*...Decided to end off the year with my favourite male and female Sonic characters, which happened to represent who I was at their respective ages (e.g. Cream is polite, well-mannered and kind at age 6, Silver is naive but has a strong sense of determination and justice at age 14). Tails and Wave are my favourites too, but I thought they wouldn't fit here. Fooled around with painting without caring about the rendering aspect.

:star: Final Thoughts: Continue practicing a variety of medium and styles and be versatile.
- Mediums such as pencil rendering, watercolour, Copic markers, acrylic paints e.t.c.
- Subject matter such as humans (preferably realistic), animal studies, facial expressions and poses (I'm okay at poses but need to show more emotion). TF2 characters are a good source of semi-realistic practice.
- Overcome reluctance to draw details.
- Figure out colouring and shading in vector art programs (Adobe Illustrator).
- Experiment with character design outside my comfort zone of anthros and cartoony stuff.

Life-wise, be less jittery about school work and uncertainty of the future. Make more friends with similar interests. Be less sensitive, don't overthink. Know where I stand amongst my peers but don't let them destroy my already low self-esteem. Build a closer relationship with God. Be more independent and responsible of what I do and how it can affect my health and relationships with others.

Health-wise, take more regular breaks from sitting at the computer (walk around), but don't doze off on the bed when there is work to do.

:iconmingflailplz: I dunno, I feel like I've matured in thought and I'm not the same happy, simple-minded, carefree and easily tickled person I used to be. :( I don't like this feeling of growing up, but it's inevitable ;A; All this talk about professionalism and career and the makes me sad.

2012 Art Summary:
2013 Art Summary:
Mysterimaan - Cloey (Process) by JemiDove
Mysterimaan - Cloey (Process)
First time compiling something like this, traditional art at that!

Completed artwork here:

Artwork by JemiDove 
. Cloey (c) MysteriMaan.
Medium: about 20 Copic Ciao markers, Sakura Pigma Micron pens and a B pencil on ivory card.
Time taken: Sketch - 1 hour (distractions aaah), lineart - about 10 minutes, colouring - 3 hours. Total 4+ hours.
Date: 2 April 2015
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs without my permission or claim them as your own.
MysteriMaan - Cloey by JemiDove
MysteriMaan - Cloey
For :iconmysterimaan:

There were a billion things I wanted to say but suddenly my brain only came up with these words:
Love your stuff as always, you're super good at animated paintings :la: Congrats on your graduation :D I wish we could've spoken in person during your grad show but I didn't want to wake you from your nap ^^;

Thought of drawing you a gift to show my appreciation of your work. Drew Cloey in this pose because from your artworks of her, I can see how personal she is to you, as a character who has stayed and grown up with you over the years. I feel the same of my OCs too, so it is a mutual feeling. I hope you like it! :3 Really wanted to finish this in time to give it to you, but I was occupied with school stuff :(

Only after inking I realised that I got her mouth structure and position of her left ear wrong, but I hope it doesn't matter too much :ohnoes: Also, a lot of white pixels exist on the scan where it is actually a very light brown/grey.

Oh and here's the process thingamajingy:

Artwork by JemiDove . Cloey (c) MysteriMaan.
Medium: about 20 Copic Ciao markers, Sakura Pigma Micron pens on ivory card.
Time taken: Sketch - 1 hour (distractions aaah), lineart - about 10 minutes, colouring - 3 hours. Total 4+ hours.
Date: 2 April 2015
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs without my permission or claim them as your own.
82 deviations
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: My randomized music playlist
  • Reading: Comments (and not assignment briefs! :D )
  • Watching: the clock (oh noes)
  • Playing: TF2 (not now)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Fruit juice



JemiDove has started a donation pool!
65 / 2,000
Points Commissions details (currently CLOSED) Point Commissions [CLOSED]Commissions are closed at the moment, but I just wanted to update the prices and revise the commission types. Take a look! :)
:stare: RULES :stare:
:bulletblue: Send me a note to order a commission. In it, you must state/give:
1. Commission type (e.g. "Coloured B, Lineart C" = "Cel-shaded Basic, Thin lineart")
2. Visual references of character(s). I may decline your commission if your references aren't good enough for me to get a feel of the character(s).
3. Any specific pose (if not, I'll draw what I want)
4. What background you want: White/transparent/simple/textured. Simple = drawn by myself, Textured = stock image from other artists/photographers.
I will not do detailed environments for commissions. :(
:bulletblue: If I approve of your commission, I'll reply confirming the price. If not, I'll reply saying that I declined it.
:bulletblue: I will only get started on the commission once you have paid

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


:bulletyellow: COMMISSION - Rubycored

:bulletred: ART TRADE with Carinaconstellation : Carina & Jemi, me: same.
:bulletred: ART TRADE with haphwei : Jade and Rula AT with Jemi by haphwei

:bulletorange: PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT!! Practice drawing realistic human faces, heads, hands, feet, anatomy, poses (at different angles!!)

:bulletpurple: Birds of Singapore project (tradigital?)
:bulletpurple: Drawing of a cat/collage of cats for my brother (traditional)

:bulletblue: Jak and Daxter fanart, Castle Crashers fanart , Spyro fanart ( part of the project below)
:bulletblue: Huge "videogame characters of my life" tribute artworks

:bulletblue: "Organic VS Inorganic characters" tribute - Ratchet & Clank, Halo, Knight Rider, e.t.c.

:bulletblue: Script for Big Swan Chapter 2 (need to practice drawing characters more and develop them further)

:bulletred: MMD projects (5 songs - not telling ya! :V ) Forget it, my computer crashed and I lost all my models AND self-animated camera work >:U ;w; I've given up on MMD and now I'm focusing on drawing in my free time :P

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