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Just call me Jemi
Artist | Student | Varied
Don't mind my character (Berura the Swan) staring at you from my profile pic. :XD: She isn't always like this; she's usually demure.

A wannabe animator/game art designer who ended up in graphic design because my parents don't have confidence in my country's animation industry (not because I couldn't). *sigh* :shrug: Graphic design isn't what I'd like to do as a career, but I guess they mean well for me. Hopefully I'll do well enough to get a change to study Animation at university level when I graduate from this Graphic Design diploma course.

Welcome to my profile page! Sonic the Hedgehog was the first active videogame series I got into. Prior to that, I had only played obscure PC indie games. Since then, I've also gotten into other videogames series such as Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and other action-adventure games (plus points if there's tons of platforming). I hope to draw more fanart of those series when I have the time. :meow: I'm also constantly on the lookout for outstanding indie games to enjoy (and draw fanart for)~ :XD:

I do have some Original Characters (OCs), as well as my own comic series entitled "Big Swan" revolving around these characters. I do not have any Fan Characters (FCs).I also draw artworks reflecting the things and people I encounter in real life. :D

I completed my GCE 'O' Level examinations in 2013 (I did not take Art as a subject and I regret it because I'm lagging behind my classmates ;w; ) and I'm currently studying Communication Design at a local polytechnic. Not because I couldn't get into a Junior College (JC), but because I chose to head down this path instead.

I've enrolled in a Communication Design diploma course in April 2014, and have been drawing a lot (but not being around on dA) of things I don't usually draw. It has been a good (but PRESSURISING!) experience so far to be surrounded by people with similar interests and skills. School sucks up almost all of my time and energy so apologies if I don't reply to your messages immediately.

Other accounts. Please let me know who you are before adding me as a friend/contact. I won't just add any random person XD

:star: Youtube: Jemiloke97… (I upload speedpaints and MMD videos! :D And gameplay stuff, too)
:star: Livestream:
:star: PSN ID: JemiKen (shared account with my dad)
:star: Steam: JemiDove
:star: Skype: Ask me about it~
:star: Sonic Stadium Message Board: JemiDove (I visit that forum daily, but only to read and not participate in the discussions :XD: )

Some stuff about me:

-Rather down-to-earth
-Dislikes blood & gore. A lot. :stare:
-Has been self-taught until enrolment in Communication Design in 21 April 2014 (so you can look at the dates on my deviations to see how I fared on my own before that :XD: )
-Fractal art is the only art form which I detest (to the point of being fearful when looking at it) >_<
-Favourite animals: Birds (especially waterbirds), fish, exotic animals.
-Favourite colours: Blue, orange, green, purple
-Favourite videogame genres: Action-adventure / Platformer / Fighter (dislikes turned-based games and casual games)
-Favourite music genres: Techno / Drum 'n' Bass (DnB) / Trance / Electronica / Glitch Hop / String instrument music (especially the cello, for some reason).
-Dislikes shiny, glittery attention-grabbing things (especially on clothes)
-I can play the piano, but I was home-taught only until Grade 3. My mum is a music teacher, but was too busy to continue teaching me :( I now learn songs by ear on my own for fun.
-I was the Section Leader of Alto of my secondary school's choir (2012-2013).
-Favourite Sonic characters: Silver the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Cream the Rabbit, Wave the Swallow.
-I don't follow and didn't grow up with much anime/manga series much unlike my peers :P I'm just neutral towards the style. Same goes for western cartoons/comics actually, though my drawing style seems to lean more towards that side. But I believe I'm equally influenced by both Japanese and Western styles.



Whoa, that was a long 6 hours of maintenance. Glad dA's back online :D
My Sonic X Jojo's Bizarre Adventure collab with Tuskat soso bizarre adventure by Tuskat  posted on the Sonic Fan Character Wiki as "Stephan the Hedgehog"… :facepalm: first reaction was to laugh. One year ago, my first reaction would've been anger; angry at my artwork being used without permission. But times have changed. I guess I've got more important things in life to care about now than bothering about my fanart being used without permission. If it were my original art/characters I would've been much more angry, of course. My my how have I grown. Sometimes growing up is a good thing, you get more experience over the years and know how to manage your emotions. But other times I don't want to grow up and leave my happier memories of my youth behind.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: various videogame OSTs
  • Reading: comments and notes
  • Watching: The screen
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Water
I used to Sonic. Then school happened. Should be doing schoolwork but here I gooooo
Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, BUH-EEE-ZEE.
  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Saito Games' soundtracks
  • Reading: Character Mentor by tombancroft
  • Watching: you
  • Playing: Freedom Planet (just bought it! :D )
  • Eating: Banana
  • Drinking: Water
Welp, the 1.5 months of vacation is finally here. :dummy: School has been really hectic so far, and the late/sleepless nights have taken a toll on my health...I wonder how I'll make it through another 2 and a half years here. I'm pretty sure I didn't do well for typography >_<;;

Since school started in April, I've accumulated a mass of sketches to relieve stress (pfft, like I had the time or energy to. Should've practiced technical drawing skills instead of drawing to de-stress so much).

For you Singaporean watchers, I'll be attending STGCC 2014 (Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention) on 6 September (Saturday). Naw, not as an exhibitor but just as an attendee :XD: It'll be my first time attending such an event, and I'm looking forward to it! :D *has to rely on classmates to guide me around like a blind person*

Anyway, here's my to-do list for the holidays!

:bulletred: CONTEST (deadline 15 Sep) : lanitsed
:bulletred: COLLAB with TheJege12
:bulletred: ART TRADE with Carinaconstellation : Carina & Jemi, me: same.
:bulletred: ART TRADE with haphwei : Jade and Rula
:bulletred: COMMISSION: rubycored
:bulletred: Continue fan art tributes to videogames of my childhood and teenagehood (up next: Mage Bros)

:bulletorange: Practice drawing realistic human faces, heads, hands, feet, anatomy, poses (at different angles!!) *whispers portfolio and own practice*
:bulletorange: Upload (scan/photograph) sketches, compile into sketchdump TOP PRIORITY TO PREVENT SNOWBALLING OF SKETCHDUMP

:bulletblue: Drawing of a cat/collage of cats for my brother (traditional)
:bulletblue: Sculpt my OCs :dummy: (especially Berura the Swan...I need to get a better idea of how her face would look like at different angles)
:bulletblue: Finish Castle Crashers with :iconlightdasher360: (Red) :iconcardinalcompanion: (Blue) :iconexplodering: (Green, level 16). I'm Orange, level 18 for this playthrough.
:bulletyellow: Peatail animation?

Also, I've recently got in touch with James Saito of Saito Games (a.k.a. JJsoft), creator of a number of my childhood videogames :D It feels so surreal to even think of being able to talk to someone whom you admire as a kid. When I first laid my eyes on his games when I was 6 years old, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd talk to the creator himself as a 16 year-old, ten years later. As a kid, I always felt that creators - be it game devs, animators, movie makers e.t.c. were all 'up there', out there, out of my reach, leaving only me to marvel at their works...but 10 years have passed and the internet has changed all of that. :') Funny how I'm not one who strikes up conversations easily and yet am able to communicate with someone whom I thought I wouldn't be able to talk to ever *_*

Now if you'll excuse me I'll move to one corner to wipe a tear from my eye

Anyway, that's all for now. Jemi signing off!
The vacation ends on 19 October :P


JemiDove has started a donation pool!
15 / 2,000
Points Commissions details (currently CLOSED) Point Commissions [CLOSED]Commissions are closed at the moment, but I just wanted to update the prices and revise the commission types. Take a look! :)
:stare: RULES :stare:
:bulletblue: Send me a note to order a commission. In it, you must state/give:
1. Commission type (e.g. "Coloured B, Lineart C" = "Cel-shaded Basic, Thin lineart")
2. Visual references of character(s). I may decline your commission if your references aren't good enough for me to get a feel of the character(s).
3. Any specific pose (if not, I'll draw what I want)
4. What background you want: White/transparent/simple/textured. Simple = drawn by myself, Textured = stock image from other artists/photographers.
I will not do detailed environments for commissions. :(
:bulletblue: If I approve of your commission, I'll reply confirming the price. If not, I'll reply saying that I declined it.
:bulletblue: I will only get started on the commission once you have paid

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


:bulletyellow: COMMISSION - Rubycored

:bulletred: CONTEST (deadline 19 Oct) : lanitsed
:bulletred: ART TRADE with Carinaconstellation : Carina & Jemi, me: same.
:bulletred: ART TRADE with haphwei : Jade and Rula AT with Jemi by haphwei
:bulletred: Mage Bros digital fanart

:bulletorange: Practice drawing realistic human faces, heads, hands, feet, anatomy, poses (at different angles!!) *whispers portfolio and own practice*
:bulletorange: Upload (scan/photograph) sketches, compile into sketchdump

:bulletpurple: Birds of Singapore project (tradigital?)
:bulletpurple: Drawing of a cat/collage of cats for my brother (traditional)

:bulletblue: Jak and Daxter fanart, Castle Crashers fanart , Spyro fanart ( part of the project below)
:bulletblue: Huge "videogame characters of my life" tribute artworks

:bulletblue: "Organic VS Inorganic characters" tribute - Ratchet & Clank, Halo, Knight Rider, e.t.c.

:bulletblue: Script for Big Swan Chapter 2 (need to practice drawing characters more and develop them further)

:bulletred: MMD projects (5 songs - not telling ya! :V ) Forget it, my computer crashed and I lost all my models AND self-animated camera work >:U ;w; I've given up on MMD and now I'm focusing on drawing in my free time :P

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    Donated Aug 27, 2014, 2:08:18 PM

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JemiDove Featured By Owner Edited 14 hours ago  Student General Artist OF WHAT I'M DOING
why did I listen to them
why must it be this way
they mean well but it seems that everyone else around me is idealistic except them
who is ultimately right??
i should be glad i'm not in a jc
yet...i just let that opportunity slip by even though I was eligible and i had a choice!
they say it's just a stepping "insurance"...but I really don't like what i'm doing...try as i might, i can never wrap my head around graphic design...i never cared about typography and layout stuff. and i've always HATED advertising...
i'm doing well in 10% for the first semester even...but oh why...why did i listen...why pour in so much energy and effort into something i have no passion for? just to get out of here?

will my passion fizzle out before I get out of here?????? why did I even choose to end up here in the first place???????????????????? call me idealistic but i'd rather cause a revolution in the digital media entertainment industry here than in the design industry...they always mix the two up but they're really very different from each other...

....i want to be part of a team who makes an impact on people. not to work on something that i myself don't care about.

ugh i should get back to work. 6 InDesign spreads due tomorrow and i've only completed 1. why must tertiary education have such long hours asdjfasfljbk

oh hey this is the first time i've typed in mostly small letters haha
i should talk less. and become a recluse wheee .. or get back to work AND GET IT OVER AND DONE WITH SO MY EYES WON'T DRY UP FROM STARING AT THE SCREEN
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