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JemiDove's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
:bulletorange: Steam: JemiDove / JemiLoke97 / [BB] Jemi
:bulletorange: Twitch: (art and game streams!)
:bulletorange: Instagram: jemidove (more real-life stuff there)
:bulletorange: Twitter: JemiDove @jemimaloke (a public diary of sorts)
:bulletorange: Youtube: Jemiloke97… (old speedpaints and gameplay videos, embarrassing heheh)
:bulletorange: PSN ID: JemiKen (shared account with my dad)
:bulletorange: My formal portfolio:

Student artist who aspires to be a videogame artist. My life goal though, is to make games with my soulmate Axolotlet and friends! And also to realise my Big Swan universe and characters into a videogame, if not a comic.

Currently a graphic design student, though I have little passion in that field and intend to further studies in Animation after my diploma.

I have my own comic series, "Big Swan", which originated from my home-made comic series way back in 2005. The series stars my own cartoon/anthropomorphic bird characters, along with a few other animal characters. It is my dream to realise Big Swan as a videogame of the platformer genre, incorporating elements of platformer sub-genres (e.g. Metroidvania, brawler, run-and-gun, precision platformer) for each playable character. Probably have to simplify it but that's a rough outline for now.

I have a HUGE respect and admiration for indie creators - be they artists, game developers, musicians or writers. :la: I guess it's mainly because I grew up playing a lot of (obscure but awesome) indie games, and only got sucked into my first popular fandom (Sonic the Hedgehog) quite late compared to most people. ^v^;

Artist/Creator inspirations: Dean Dodrill, Desmond Wong, Nur Aiysha Plemping, Trudi & Asti Castle, Laura Shigihara, Dan Paladin, Jazza,
:iconzkcats111: (my best friend!) :iconthejege12: (also awesome friend!) :iconshira-hedgie::iconevanstanley::icondansyron::iconpelboy::icongorosart::iconjourneyful::iconjouste::iconthegreathushpuppy::iconpy-bun::iconmadjesters1::iconpheoniic::iconlilaym::iconnargyle::iconbedupolker::iconneganeon::iconrhythmax::iconmiacat7::iconyoshiyaki::iconimson::icontsaoshin::iconbettykwong::iconhanogan::iconprojectendo::iconanakonda1331::iconyark-wark::iconrunde::iconshalmons::iconsonicrocksmysocks:

Videogames I'm an active fan of:
Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Jazz Jackrabbit, Bubble Bobble, Halo, Assassin's Creed, Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, Ori and the Blind Forest, Guacamelee, Crypt of the NecroDancer, DustForce, Don't Starve, Hyper Light Drifter
:bulletred: TF2 mains: Medic, Soldier
:bulletblue: Overwatch mains: Lucio,, Mercy, Pharah
:bulletgreen: Favourite Sonic characters: Silver, Tails, Cream, Wave
:bulletblack: Favourite Undertale characters: Papyrus, Undyne, Toriel, Alphys

My closest friends - the Blastiful Bunch [BB]!
Originally the just name of our TF2/gaming clan, our friendship has grown through meeting up for art events and just geeking out on common interests. :) Hope to work with them on our own projects someday (starting with boothing at local art events with Cats, and then making games with Axo with the help of everyone)!
:heart: :iconaxolotlet: My significant other~
'Axo', the 'Leeroy' of the medic chain in TF2. I'm 'Jenkins' :XD:
:star: :iconzkcats111: My BEST friend on dA AND in real life!
'Cats', the 'Sonic' of SG-Sonic-Fans-Club. I'm the 'Silver'. Soul-sister really. :meow:
:bulletorange: :icontigerpegasus: Great gaming buddy and friend :>
'Tiger', sister to my best friend Cats~
:bulletblue: :iconexplodering: A friend from across the Causeway
'Exploder/Alycus', the eldest, brother 'chicken' from neighbour Malaysia PLEASE VISIT US SOMEDAY BEFORE WE GROW TOO OLD HAHA

Other friends
:bulletred: :iconmysterimaan: Fellow muser on life matters
'AsianWierdo / Mysteri', dA senpai-turned-friend
:star: :iconcharred-heart: Another great friend of the Singapore Sonic trio
'Charred', the 'Shadow' of SG-Sonic-Fans-Club
:bulletblue: :iconthejege12:
'Jege', one of the quickest and coolest animator-artists I've met, and a fun & friendly person to be around with! :)
:bulletgreen: :icontuskat: My digital art sensei >:U
'Tusk'. I cannot emphasise enough how much he has made my digital art workflow better ~(u_u)~
:bulletblue: :iconbulgariansumo:
'Bsumo', one of my earliest watchers and dA friends. Love his style, AND his OCs! :D
:bulletpurple: :iconcarinaconstellation:
'Carina', my very first dA watcher whom I did not meet previously on other sites and constant supporter in my art journey. It's an honour to have met you AND still keep in touch often!
:bulletblue: :iconphaenur: Fellow support player
'Hexapuma'/'Berity', I could very well count him into the Blastiful Bunch gang since he games with us so often! If only we weren't half the globe apart. Also sharer of funny links.
:bulletyellow: :iconheihei188::iconicy-cream-24::iconsouyuu221: The Hong Kong Sonic fanartist trio~
'Hei/Ching', 'Icy' and 'Souyuu/MW'. Always a pleasure to interact with you all and watch your streams :meow:
:iconmyhappymemories::iconthepuccafan::iconsamorphia::iconxsymmetry::iconchonart::iconturquoise-luck::iconxxyukira::iconblubbityblub: People I know in real life
I shall not mention your real names, but thanks for having a direct impact on me as a person and artist ;_; ESPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE. THANKS FOR INTRODUCING ME TO DEVIANTART WHICH LED ME ON MY ART JOURNEY TO WHERE I AM TODAY, starting as a crazed Sonic fan lurking and favouriting art. OH AND TEAM FORTRESS 2 TOO. My first online multiplayer game with tons of active players :U

...there's more, but we've not kept in touch frequently enough :ohnoes:

I've have been drawing a lot (but not being around on dA) of things I don't usually draw. It has been a good (but PRESSURISING!) experience so far to be surrounded by people with similar interests and skills. School sucks up almost all of my time and energy so apologies if I don't reply to your messages immediately.

Some stuff about me:

-Rather literal and has lame sense of humour
-HATES seemingly innocent things which turn out to be sinister *cough* Happy Tree Friends *cough* ...people call me innocent or pure lol.
-Dislikes blood & gore. :stare: I avoid playing games with gore (with the exception of TF2, because it is highly stylized and cartoonish that I can bear the gore just enough to play the game).
-Fractal art is the only art form which I detest (to the point of being fearful when looking at it) >_<
-Favourite animals: Birds (especially waterbirds), fish, exotic animals.
-Favourite colours: Orange, blue, green, purple :bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:
-Favourite videogame genres: Action-adventure, Platformer, Beat-em-up / Brawler, Run-and-gun shooters, Metroidvania. (dislikes turned-based games, casual games and tactical shooters)
-Favourite music genres: Electro / Drum 'n' Bass (DnB) / Future Bass / Electro Swing / Trance / Electronica / Glitch Hop / String instrument music (especially the cello, for some reason).
-Dislikes cooking due to fear of physical hazards (fire & sharp objects like knives)



37 deviations
  • Listening to: My randomized music playlist
  • Reading: application forms
  • Watching: blargh
  • Playing: ain't got time to play yo
  • Eating: Lo hei
  • Drinking: water

Drawing environment assets/props for a game internship test! Can't talk much though, gotta focus!
Bird bandits
(Can I just be a rebel and relieve some steam by drawing my own thing instead of working on FYP? :P )

Drawn listening to Morgan David King's EDM playlist, 'Phoenix' to be specific.…

Oh yeah these bird bandits were from my 2012 attempt at drawing a digital comic, though they originally appeared as ninja birds in my childhood comics around 2006-7. The pole-wielder is named Lava, the grenade-holding one Ochre. Based on their colours as they appeared in my comic: (they've been renamed yeah)

Wanted to test my speed while maintaining decent lineart, trying to be less perfectionist with that. This actually only took an hour, but another hour was wasted shading and then scrapping the shading because it looked like crap and defeated the purpose of a 'quick' doodle.

Lava and Ochre the bird bandits, "Big Swan" universe/comic (c) JemiDove (me).
Program: Photoshop
Time taken: 1-2 hours (actually 1 hour for what you see here)
Date 10 Feb 2017
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs without my permission or claim them as your own.
  • Listening to: My randomized music playlist
  • Reading: application forms
  • Watching: time rush by
  • Playing: Overwatch ( i have time for that now!)
  • Eating: Madelines
  • Drinking: water
UPDATE LOG (all time in UTC+8)
  • 18 Jan Wed, 12:33PM: Elaborated on types of drawing rewards! Contacted VAs. Updated project status.
  • 10 Jan Tues, 8:00PM: ...changed it back to storybook. Added all storyboards!
  • 04 Jan, 10:00PM: changed the storybook deliverable to a concept art book! :D
  • 03 Jan, 1:23PM: Storyboard 1/4 added!
  • 03 Jan, 12:30PM: Narrator moved to confirmed characters!
FYP Interim 1 SPREADS Vertical3 by JemiDove

Concept2 Storyboard02 by JemiDove Concept2 Storyboard02 by JemiDove Concept2 Storyboard04 by JemiDove Concept2 Storyboard05 by JemiDove

Alright I've passed my first assessment on the project, I get to work with the concept I wanted, aww yeah :dummy: I'm juggling this major project along with three other major stakeholders of my near future (*cough* portfolio preparations for university/internship applications *cough*) so I apologise in advance if I don't update as frequently as I hope to. I'm barely alive as I speak lol

Current status of the project:

  • Theme: Solitude & Loneliness
  • Tone: Introspective, dark-ish setting
  • Medium:
    - Illustrated storybook Concept art book
    - Motion-Illustration video done using AfterEffects (this is where VAs come in)
    - Posters
    - Collectible cards

  • Script:
    In progress
    18 Jan: Pretty much done. Sent out urgent snippets to Narrator and The Kid.
  • Illustration/Animation phase:
    18 Jan: Heavy illustration!

Characters and their voice-actors (BACKUPS WELCOME TO APPLY EVEN IF SLOTS ARE FILLED!!:

  1. Narrator
    Tone of voice is up to interpretation. Male/female.
    Bullet; Green Confirmed VA: NekoHimeAnny
    Bullet; Orange Backup VAs: Phaenur

  2. The Kid / Lone Wolf spirit
    Androgynous kid. High-pitched boy voice, maybe an edgier Tails from the Sonic franchise (could be voiced by a lady).
    Bullet; Green Confirmed VA: TheM-VA
    Bullet; Orange Backup VAs: Abc123-IX

  3. Moose(s) (and their human counterparts). Can have multiple confirmed VAs.
    Wise-sounding, mellow. Need 1 main male voice, supporting male/female voices are welcome!
    Bullet; Green Confirmed VAs: TheJege12 (main),
    Bullet; Orange Backup VAs: ZKCats111, (supporting), NekoHimeAnny (supporting) ,

  4. Wolves (and their human counterparts). Can have multiple confirmed VAs.
    Nasty-sounding! Try to sound hoarse/scratchy if possible, otherwise just speaking normally but in a nasty/annoyed tone works too!
    Bullet; Green Confirmed VAs: Explodering, NekoHimeAnny, TigerPegasus
    Bullet; Orange Backup VAs: ???


People who have expressed interest (let me know what you think):

:iconthem-va: - THE KID (CONFIRMED)
:iconphaenur: - NARRATOR (PLACEHOLDER). You might be interested in voicing one of the Wolves?
:iconplayrina: - I've heard your voice work, sorry if I didn't get back to you earlier!! :ohnoes: I appreciate your interest, however I don't think you'd be suited for The Kid. You'd be better fitted as one of the Wolves, if you're interested! Let me know what you think. (I do feel that your mic might be a little on a scratchy side though, I apologise in advance if you aren't shortlisted in the end because of that.)
:iconcarinaconstellation: - Need voice work samples. Interested in the Narrator role but you might wanna consider the Mooses or Wolves?
:iconthejege12: - I know how you sound like, buuut I'm still concerned about the accent... XD (don't worry bro, I have an unfavourable accent too :XD: ) You might fit the main Moose though! :D
:iconsamuraiechidna: - ? Need voice work samples.
:iconstagasus: - I know how you sound like, I think you'd be best fitted for one of the Wolves.

People whom I think could fit in (if you'd like to): 

:iconaxolotlet: - Heheh I know you too well, perhaps you could fit one of the Wolves. ;)
:iconexplodering: - I also know you kinda well lol maybe the Narrator (backup) or one of the Wolves (SPEAK IN YOUR SALTIEST VOICE POSSIBRU YEAAAH)
:iconzkcats111: - supporting Moose? (just a few lines)
:icontigerpegasus: - one of the Wolves? (just a few lines)

Before I end this announcement, I just wanna say how MUCH I appreciate everyone's unwavering support in me and my turbulent college years thus far - friend, follower, admired artist, passing commentor - all of you. Thank you. So, so much. Just a few months more!


JemiDove has started a donation pool!
341 / 2,000
Points Commissions details (currently CLOSED) Commissions price list [CLOSED][LAST UPDATED: 23 Mar 2016, 5PM Singapore time]
Turns out, I need the time to build my portfolio so... commissions are closed, so very sorry...
Note that I no longer will accept drawing Sonic Fan Characters (with the exception of friends), I never felt comfortable about SFCs very much. ^^;
Will draw:
Bullet; Green Anthromorphs
Bullet; Green Cartoony characters
Bullet; Green TF2 loadouts
Bullet; Green Sonic official characters
Bullet; Green Humans
Not so comfortable/confident with drawing:
(if you really want to commission me these, I will most likely upload to privately instead of dA)
Bullet; Yellow Scantily-dressed characters (uncomfortable, I'd like to keep my gallery at a "Everyone 10+" rating)
Bullet; Yellow C

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


:bulletred: - Overdue work for others
:bulletblue: - Ongoing, not urgent.

:bulletorange: GIP Application (DURING INTERNSHIP/WEEKENDS)
:bulletorange: FYP - 2 design proposals
:bulletorange: Lasalle application (DURING INTERNSHP/WEEKENDS)

:bulletorange: - Important for portfolio:

1. Observation through ...
- life drawing (humans & animals)
- still life (objects /environments)
- storyboards

2. Variety of 2D rendering (mix of realism and own style???)...
- (traditional) painting
- (traditional) marker/ink work,
- digital imaging?? MORE ORIGINAL WORK, NOT FAN ART.

3. Sketchbooks and development studies ...
- e.g. character design exploration (clean clean! Keep practicin!)


:bulletorange: (Observation: Life drawing) Constantly practice realistic human faces, heads, hands, feet, anatomy, poses (at different angles!!)

:bulletorange: (Observation & 2D rendering) (markers/graphite/watercolour) Birds of Singapore: White-vented mynah, common mynah, house sparrow, pigeon, house crow, koel, golden oriole, cattle egret, kite.

:bulletorange: AE animation of Berura! [IN-PROGRESS]

:bulletred: ART TRADES
- haphwei : Jade and Rula (Traditional)

:bulletblue: COMMISSIONS
- don't start until I've settled my applications.

Stuff to do with my bestie ZKCats111 in 2017
:bulletblue: Blastiful Bunch boothing
:bulletblue: Frame-by-frame animation (OpenToonz)

:bulletblue: Big Swan story, world and character development

:bulletblue: Fanart: OVERWATCH (Lucio,, Mercy, Pharah), UNDERTALE (Undyne, Papyrus, plus Sans and Alphys whenever possible and Mettaton and ARGH everyone), Jak and Daxter, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, Spyro, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Knight Rider

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