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Artist | Student | Varied
A wannabe animator/game designer who ended up studying graphic design because my parents don't have confidence in my country's animation industry (not because I couldn't). *sigh* :shrug: Graphic design isn't what I'd like to do as a career, but I guess they mean well for me. Hopefully I'll do well enough to get a chance to study Animation at university level when I graduate from this Graphic Design diploma course.

Welcome to my profile page! Sonic the Hedgehog was the first active/mainstream videogame series I got into. Prior to that, I had only played obscure PC indie games. Since then, I've also gotten into other videogames series such as Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and other action-adventure games (plus points if there's tons of platforming). And now, I'm into Team Fortress 2, probably the first and only popular online multiplayer game I've ever played. I also keep an eye on other game series such as Halo, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted and Infamous. I hope to draw more fanart of all these games when I have the time. :meow: I'm also constantly on the lookout for outstanding indie games to enjoy (and draw fanart for)~ :XD:

I do have some Original Characters (OCs), as well as my own comic series entitled "Big Swan" revolving around these characters. I do not have any Fan Characters (FCs).I also draw artworks reflecting the things and people I encounter in real life. :D

:bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen: My closest friends on dA :bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen:
:heart: :iconaxolotlet: My significant other~
The 'axolotl', the 'Leeroy' of the medic chain in TF2. I'm 'Jenkins' :XD:
:star: :iconiluvcats111: My BEST friend on dA AND in real life!
'Cats', the 'Sonic' of SG-Sonic-Fans-Club. I'm the 'Silver'
:star: :iconcharred-heart: Another great friend of the Singapore Sonic trio
'Charred', the 'Shadow' of SG-Sonic-Fans-Club
:bulletblue: :iconexplodering: A friend from across the Causeway
'Exploder', the big blur brudder chicken box of markers from a neighbouring kampong
:bulletorange: :icontigerpegasus: Great gaming buddy and friend :>
'Tiger', sister to my best friend Cats
:bulletblue: :iconthejege12:
'Jege', one of the quickest and coolest animator-artists I've met, and a fun person to be around with! :)
:bulletgreen: :icontuskat: My digital art sensei >:U
'Tusk'. I cannot emphasise enough how much he has made my digital art workflow better ~(u_u)~
:bulletblue: :iconbulgariansumo:
'Bsumo', one of my earliest watchers and dA friends. Love his style, AND his OCs! :D
:bulletpurple: :iconcarinaconstellation:
'Carina', my very first dA watcher whom I did not meet previously on other sites and constant supporter in my art journey. It's an honour to have met you AND still keep in touch often!
:bulletyellow: :iconheihei188::iconicy-cream-24::iconsouyuu221: The Hong Kong Sonic fanartist trio~
'Hei/Ching', 'Icy' and 'Souyuu/MW'. Always a pleasure to interact with you all and watch your streams :meow:
:iconmyhappymemories::iconthepuccafan::iconxsymmetry::iconchonart::iconturquoise-luck::iconxxyukira::iconblubbityblub: People I know in real life
I shall not mention your real names, but thanks for having a direct impact on me as a person and artist ;_; ESPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE. THANKS FOR INTRODUCING ME TO DEVIANTART WHICH LED ME ON MY ART JOURNEY TO WHERE I AM TODAY, starting as a crazed Sonic fan lurking and favouriting art. OH AND TEAM FORTRESS 2 TOO. My first online multiplayer game with tons of active players :U

...there's more, but we've not kept in touch frequently enough :ohnoes:

I completed my GCE 'O' Level examinations in 2013 (I did not take Art as a subject and I regret it because I'm lagging behind my classmates ;w; ) and I'm currently studying Communication Design at a local polytechnic. Not because I couldn't get into a Junior College (JC), but because I chose to head down this path instead. I've have been drawing a lot (but not being around on dA) of things I don't usually draw. It has been a good (but PRESSURISING!) experience so far to be surrounded by people with similar interests and skills. School sucks up almost all of my time and energy so apologies if I don't reply to your messages immediately.

Other accounts. Please let me know who you are before adding me as a friend/contact. I won't just add any random person XD

:star: Youtube: Jemiloke97… (I upload speedpaints and MMD videos! :D And gameplay stuff, too)
:star: Livestream:
:star: PSN ID: JemiKen (shared account with my dad)
:star: Steam: JemiDove (sometimes Jemi)
:star: Skype: Ask me about it~
:star: Sonic Stadium Message Board: JemiDove

Some stuff about me:

-Rather literal
-Dislikes blood & gore. :stare: I avoid playing games with gore (with the exception of TF2, because it is highly stylized and cartoonish that I can bear the gore just enough to play the game).
-Has been self-taught until enrolment in Communication Design in 21 April 2014 (so you can look at the dates on my deviations to see how I fared on my own before that :XD: )
-Fractal art is the only art form which I detest (to the point of being fearful when looking at it) >_<
-Favourite animals: Birds (especially waterbirds), fish, exotic animals.
-Favourite colours: Orange, purple, blue, green :bulletorange::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen:
-Favourite videogame genres: Action-adventure / Platformer / Fighter / 3rd-person shooters (dislikes turned-based games, casual games and certain 1st-person shooters)
-Favourite music genres: Electro / Drum 'n' Bass (DnB) / Future Bass / Electro Swing / Trance / Electronica / Glitch Hop / String instrument music (especially the cello, for some reason).
-Dislikes shiny, glittery attention-grabbing things (especially on clothes)
-I can play the piano, but I was home-taught only until Grade 3. My mum is a music teacher, but was too busy to continue teaching me :( I now learn songs by ear on my own for fun.
-I was the Section Leader of Alto of my secondary school's choir (2012-2013).
-Favourite Sonic characters: Silver the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Cream the Rabbit, Wave the Swallow.
-I don't follow and didn't grow up with much anime/manga series much unlike my peers :P I'm just neutral towards the style. Same goes for western cartoons/comics actually, though my drawing style seems to lean more towards that side. But I believe I'm equally influenced by both Japanese and Western styles.



  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Smooth Mcgroove's acapella playlist
  • Reading: comments
  • Watching: the clock (oh noes)
  • Playing: TF2/ Mirror's Edge/ Battleblock Theater
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Fruit juice
Finally, personal work! Which means fan art, original art and moar! :D
[WIP] The TF2 Quartet 160815 by JemiDove
[WIP] The TF2 Quartet 160815
EY I'M NOT DEAD, just super busy with school and life to have energy or time for personal art :ohnoes:
Me and my playmates :iconjemidove::iconaxolotlet::iconexplodering::icontigerpegasus: (all of whom are local or close to my country).
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS TO COME SO I CAN FINISH THIS 'cause I'm kinda eager to actually do a full-blown digital illustration which I haven't done in like...ages.
Will move this to scraps when it's done! *hyped* My main motive of posting this is to motivate myself to work on my school assignments instead of being distracted by drawing other things, blargh

Sketch by JemiDove.
Programs used: PaintToolSAI
Time taken: 40mins for rough layout sketch (green), 2 hours for refined sketch (blue, 1 hour per character).
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs or claim them as your own.
Art Nouveau and Art Deco bookplate sketches by JemiDove
Art Nouveau and Art Deco bookplate sketches
Old work, from Year 1 of my Communication Design diploma. Rememember this?
Yeap, finally compiled all the sketches together.

The swan and peacock were obviously based on my OCs, Berura the Swan and Peatail the Peacock.
Bottom-left design inspired by the architecture of the high-rise apartment block which I live in.
Bottom-right design was designed by my mom LOL... her dad (my grandpa duh) was a graphic artist when he was still alive, so she always likes to poke around in my assignments (which can be either irritating or helpful at times).

I'd rather design characters and worlds than graphical stuff like this though...ghh must get into Animation after I graduate from this diploma...


Artwork by 
Subject/Module: History of Graphic Design
Medium/Programs used: 2B graphite pencil, PaintToolSAI for the selected finals
Time taken: can't remember.
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs or claim them as your own.
Ex Libris Jemi (school work) by JemiDove
Ex Libris Jemi (school work)
This is a bookplate design based on the Art Nouveau movement/style. "Ex Libris [your name]" is "From the Library of [your name]" in Latin.

I had to come up with 6 different sketches, 3 per any art movement we have studied. I chose Art Nouveau and Art Deco. I had to pick the best of the 3 sketches per movement to complete as a final work. The Art Deco final piece wasn't as impressive as this one, so I'm not gonna upload it XP Adobe Illustrator is the best program to use for this kind of work, but apparently my class is one of the few classes yet to have learnt how to use it, so I used PaintToolSAI instead =w= (wanted to try out Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 which came free with my tablet, but I wasn't familiar with it and was wasting a lot of time figuring things out :XD: ) ...and I fell asleep while colouring this at 1AM, woke up several hours later at 6AM and went "OOOOH SHIET SCHOOL STARTS AT 9AM AND I HAVEN'T SHADED THIS" :rofl: I noticed that peacocks in Art Nouveau works are usually drawn with their head pointing upwards and tail pointing downwards, but I decided to be a rebel and do the opposite 8D (Classmate: "When people go left, you'll go right") :rofl:

*cough* this was obviously based on my OC, Peatail the Peacock *cough* One of the other sketches had a swan in it, and that too was based on another OC of mine, Berura the Swan *cough*

I might digitise the sketches which didn't make it to the final cut just for fun. IF I have time. :faint: My classmates remarked that my style resembles that of children's storybooks :rofl: I take that as a compliment, because being a children's book illustrator is a career that I would still be passionate about even if I don't end up in the animation or videogame industry. :D

UPDATE [11 Aug 2014]: Finally compiled the sketches!!!

Artwork by JemiDove.
Subject/Module: History of Graphic Design
Programs used: PaintToolSAI (I haven't been taught the proper programs like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, so I just used whatever I had)
Time taken: ........THE TAIL TOOK 3 HOURS THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER so the whole thing took much longer than that :faint:
Date: 21 May 2014.
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs or claim them as your own.
From mudflat to metropolis - Silkscreen printing by JemiDove
From mudflat to metropolis - Silkscreen printing
Silkscreen printing assignment. I had to come up with an artwork based on the theme, 'The future of Singapore'. Kinda exciting to have your work hand-printed on a material other than paper. Should try printing on cloth next time! :D The artwork on the top-left had to be printed on a sheet of transparency, which was then used as a negative to develop the silkscreen thingy in preparation for printing by hand.

The tagline is based on one of the most memorable quotes of the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1965:

"This country belongs to all of us. We made this country from nothing, from mud-flats... Over 100 years ago, this was a mud-flat, swamp. Today, this is a modern city. Ten years from now, this will be a metropolis. Never fear!"

It was this assignment that led me to discover the pressure-sensitivity setting for the Brush Tool in Adobe Illustrator. Huzzah!

Artwork (c) 
Subject/Module: Tactile Design
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
Date: 8 July 2015
Do not use/alter/repost any of my artworks/designs or claim them as your own.
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: the CPU fan(s)
  • Reading: Assignment briefs
  • Watching: the clock (oh noes)
  • Playing: nothing, got work and no time/energy!
  • Eating: Banana pie
  • Drinking: Milo
I finally figured out how to make the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator pressure-sensitive.

:iconsoldiertf2: Today is a good day :D Looking forward to creating vector art with hand-drawn lineart!

And to think I had been forcing myself to use the painful Pen Tool with neverending rounds of intense mouse-clicking and dragging for my Year 1 assignments.... :facepalm:

Well... holiday's over, school has resumed. Learning Tactile Design, Information Design and Kinetic Graphics (Adobe AfterEffects) this term. One of my lecturers said it's one of the most intensive terms in my graphic design course so I hope I won't slack or be complacent and snowball my assignments >w< Looking forward to the AfterEffects lessons - it's the closest I can get to Animation in my field of study!

Mm I can definitely say that my mind's been sorted out a lot the past few months - I no longer get easily depressed about school and life, and now I have better self-control over slipping into my "lament-mode" :P Simply put, I overthink much less now. As much as I want to remain childish, maturing in spirit helps put my heart and mind at peace.

And to top it off, I...ahaha...let's just say I'm glad to have met a guy who feels the same way I do :B And I wasn't even actively seeking for one ahaha... uh I'd talk more, but I guess there's a limit to how much can be said on the internetz.

Now if you'll excuse me I have school assignments to tackle *rocketjumps away*


JemiDove has started a donation pool!
65 / 2,000
Points Commissions details (currently CLOSED) Point Commissions [CLOSED]Commissions are closed at the moment, but I just wanted to update the prices and revise the commission types. Take a look! :)
:stare: RULES :stare:
:bulletblue: Send me a note to order a commission. In it, you must state/give:
1. Commission type (e.g. "Coloured B, Lineart C" = "Cel-shaded Basic, Thin lineart")
2. Visual references of character(s). I may decline your commission if your references aren't good enough for me to get a feel of the character(s).
3. Any specific pose (if not, I'll draw what I want)
4. What background you want: White/transparent/simple/textured. Simple = drawn by myself, Textured = stock image from other artists/photographers.
I will not do detailed environments for commissions. :(
:bulletblue: If I approve of your commission, I'll reply confirming the price. If not, I'll reply saying that I declined it.
:bulletblue: I will only get started on the commission once you have paid

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


:bulletyellow: COMMISSIONS
- Rubycored
- Guerilla Radio's Pyro

:bulletred: ART TRADES
- Carinaconstellation : Carina & Jemi, me: same.
- haphwei : Jade and Rula :thumb484514766:

:bulletorange: PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT!! Practice drawing realistic human faces, heads, hands, feet, anatomy, poses (at different angles!!) - traditional

:bulletpurple: Birds of Singapore project (traditional - markers/graphite/watercolour)

:bulletpurple: Big Swan 10th Anniversary artwork(s) - draw facial expressions & new ref sheets!!

:bulletblue: Fanart: TF2, Jak and Daxter, Castle Crashers, Spyro, Assassin's Creed, Halo, Knight Rider

:bulletblue: "Organic VS Inorganic characters" tribute - Ratchet & Clank, Halo, Knight Rider, e.t.c.

:bulletblue: Script for Big Swan Chapter 2 (need to practice drawing characters more and develop them further)

:bulletred: MMD projects (5 songs - not telling ya! :V ) Forget it, my computer crashed and I lost all my models AND self-animated camera work >:U ;w; I've given up on MMD and now I'm focusing on drawing in my free time :P

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